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Colegio Loma Plata


In 1955, in a meeting of preachers, the proposal was made to build a Junior High School in Loma Plata. The first school building consisted of 3 classrooms (Grad 7 to 9) and a teacher's room. The new building was inaugurated on May 5, 1957. In this first school year, a total of 31 students were registered and the lessons were given by Martin W. Friesen and Andreas F. Sawatzky. The number of students grew with each new year.

In recent years, the number of students at the Colegio Loma Plata alone has been between 350 and 400. Colegio Loma Plata now has around 20 classrooms, a library, art room, laboratories, IT rooms, music hall and many other modern facilities. The teaching staff consists of around 35 lecturers.

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