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Colegio Paratodo


The oldest branch of the Colegio Loma Plata is Paratodo. It was probably the first to be founded because Paratodo is the furthest from Loma Plata. It was very difficult for students from Paratodo to attend class in Loma Plata, because of transportation or otherwise they would have had to move to Loma Plata for the term of school. But there were also people in South Menno, who were enthusiastic and eager about teaching and further education. That is why an advanced training class was held here for a short time in the 1950s. The local secondary school has existed as a permanent institution since 1976, when the first class Ciclo Básico was offered in the old village school. Over the years, more classes were added, so that in 1978 all 3 classes (7th, 8th and 9th grade) of the Ciclo Básico were conducted. In 1998 the first graduates completed the 3rd course (12th grade).

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